Kerala mosque

A prominent mosque, Valiya Juma Masjid, has set an example by curbing noise pollution during the holy month of Ramzan in the Malappuram district in Kerala. Its a  Muslim-majority district and defiantly will set examples for others to follow.

Single Azan from 17 mosque :

Single Azan will now be called from one of the the biggest mosque in Vazhakkad area. In a response taking from the grand mosque, other mosque or mahal committees are also planning to follow the trend. There are around seventeen mosques in Vazhakkad and adjacent the village areas.

“Initially many opposed the idea but later came around. Nearby schools and hospitals often complained about the indiscriminate use of loudspeakers,” TP Abdul Aziz, president of the mahal council, said.

Earlier public was in opposition but later council has found support from across the corner and religions. Consensus takes its own time.

“The decision was in response to the public opinion that indiscriminate use of  loudspeakers had a negative effect on nearby schools, merchants and even public meetings of various organisations and that it should be stopped,” says T.P Abdul Azeez, president of the council

Clerics and people have made it possible :

  • Reached an agreement. That agreement help in ironing out by these mosque committees to justify all concerns.
  • Five member council. The council has also created to unify the timings of the azaan.
  • In consultation with Chief Qazi of Kozhikode. Council members had also consulted the chief qazi who wields enough influence among community members.
  • Ban of use of loudspeakers for all other religious purposes.
  • Major role was initiated by Muslim League supremo Hyderali Thangal  in 2015. After Muslim League supremo Hyderali Thangal requested all the mosque authorities to curb the use of loudspeakers in 2015, This is the first collective move towards restricting the loudspeakers.

Many NGOs, social bodies and residents of the area have lauded the latest initiative.

Many NGOs, social bodies including residents have lauded the latest initiative and now they want political parties have to follow the suit.

“Valiya Juma Masjid has set an example. It will go a long way in curbing the mindless use of ear-splitting speakers. Now, political parties will have to follow suit,” Mohamed Koya, a trader in the area, said.

The district was also in the news earlier this month when muslim funded the renovation and temple host the Iftar party in reverse. Read the story here Muslim Families Funded the Restoration of Temple, Temple Host a Iftar Party : Social Human

Irony : This step was initiated much before Sonu Nigam’s tweets about use of loundspeakers. Celebrities have a fan following, and one once consult before passing any comments. As fan follows them, they should be mislead easily.

Source & Photo Credit : HT & DC