RJ Sucharita Tyagi (L) has helped Nikita Shukla and restored faith in humanity.

Humanity is pretty much alive. How society rejects stories spread by right wings and at the same time restored faith in humanity.

Just a week ago, Debendra Kapri, a 24-year-old taxi driver working in Delhi, made headlines for his exemplary honesty. How Radio Mirchi got in touch with Kapri, learned about his debts and raised ₹90k in an hour for the driver

Radio City had recently run a Bollywood contest. Like always, they had a winner, but this time, they were in for a surprise
One winner happened to be visually-impaired Nikita Shukla, a third-year law student in Mumbai. An inspiring story has just begun.
Nikita went to the Radio City office to claim her prize and like many others do, requested to meet the RJs.

According to Tyagi’s tweets, Nikita’s parents who were not very happy about their child being visually impaired had others plans in their mind. They wanted to get her married after her high school. Nikita who was determined to study further didn’t succumb to the parental pressure was asked to leave the house

When Nikita refused and insisted on studying further, she was asked to leave the house.
Father runs his own business btw.

Broke and without plan, Nikita bought a ticket to Mathura and was about to leave the city, when her friends convinced her to stay back.

With the help of her friends, professors, and a few small scholarships, Nikita is currently residing at a hostel and is pursuing to be a lawyer.

Enough for her to pay her fee little by little. She’s borrowed from friends, sometimes kind professors even. A few small scholarships.

But money was not enough to afford the luxury of three meals a day.
For 3 years, Nikita has been surviving on only dinner. 20 a month.

The hostel fee paid in one go, gave her 20 free dinners a month, and thats what she would eat. All this while, scoring about 80% on her exams

Tyagi also stressed the point on how Nikita didn’t visit the radio channel to tell her story and just came to claim her prize but in the process went on the record to tell her story after being insisted to.

Tyagi who hosts the show Mumbai Masala reached out to her listeners and narrated Nikita’s story after which she received tons of messages, calls, and cheques!

Tyagi said,”I dont know how many of you heard, but I’ve been talking about Nikita for little over a week now on my show Mumbai Masala”

The Ketto page was started BY Ketto after they saw my tweets too, and this would be the best way to help her, with a titled Titled “Help Nikita Shukla become a Lawyer”, the goal of the campaign is to collect 5,00,000 in 14 days.

Source & Photo Credit : IT