Never Promised Crime-free UP: BJP Minister Suresh Khanna's Bizarre U-turn

In a response regarding the dismal law and order situation in the state, UP minister Suresh Kumar Khanna said that the government did not promise a ‘crime-free UP’.

“Itna bada pradesh hai, humne zero crime ki baat kabhi nahi ki (It is such a big state, we never promised zero crime),” said Khanna.

The BJP was elected to power on the promise to crack down on crime as one of the main poll promise. They accused previous governments of being sided with criminals but current trends seem like that law & order situation has been increased since BJP came into power.

He further clarified his stance with the reporter and went on to say that the previous Samajwadi Party government “supported criminals

“The last government supported criminals. When I said we can’t make UP crime free, I did not mean incidents such as rape.” He said

After the hue and cry over anti-Romeo squads and crackdown on illegal slaughter houses in Uttar Pradesh. There is no doubt that the new BJP government is struggling to bring the deteriorating law and order in control.

Data Revealed by the State UP Police between March 15 and April 15 this year.

Rapes increased four times over the past year – 179 this year as against 41 in the past year as reported

  • Murders doubled over the past year – 240 this year as against 101 in the past year.
  • Dacoities grew manifold – 20 this year as against 3 in the past year.
  • Robberies grew manifold to 273 as against 67 in the past year.

The perception of “Ache Din”, among the public, is glooming on crumbling law and order in the state.

Promises Made by the Modi in UP Election Rallies. Where PM Modi says ‘give me a chance to protect you’.

During election rallies in Up, BJP had made law & order a major political agenda and hit hard on previous government of Samajwadi Party.

“Jail se gang chalti ho, har din balaatkaar hote ho, hatyaayein, dangey hote ho, isey aap Akhilesh ji ka kaam kahenge ya SP ke karnaame?” PM Modi said

Claiming to be the state’s saviour if given a chance, PM Modi added futher as quoted.

“Aaj Delhi mein ek aisa bhai baitha hai aapka jo aapki seva, raksha karna chahta hai, aap bas mauka dijiye (You have a brother sitting in Delhi who wants to serve and protect you, you just need to give an opportunity).”

Criminals breathing their last in UP : Yogi

“Those who give protection to criminals in the state will also be treated as criminals. They’re breathing their last in UP,” CM Yogi said.

CM Yogi in Shikhar Sammelan said those who give protection to criminals in the state will also be treated as criminals as reported.

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Source & Photo Credit : News18