A religious debate went viral when, Prashant Patel Umrao, an advocate at Delhi High Court, tweeted “In Aligarh muslim university hostels, Lunch,Breakfast is not being served to Hindu students due to#Ramadan”

As soon as it was posted, it goes viral with divided response. Some were shocked, while some were denying it

Response by the Patel over the allegations :

IndianExpress asked Patel regarding the allegations he put as quoted

“I know a few students there and the same thing happens every year. Hindu students do not want to come in public.”

When IndianExpress asked him what the officials of the AMU had to say about the allegations, to which he said and as quoted.

“You should talk to the AMU administration.”

Response by the Non-Muslim AMU Alumus : 

“I really don’t know what this tweet is all about because I have been a student at the university. When I was a student, I didn’t used to fast during Ramadan because I wasn’t so religious. But, I used to get food at the university and I never had a problem.” He also went on to say that “we always have canteens” and “food is always available on demand — even for the Muslim students who are not fasting… they can go and ask for lunch and it will be served.” as reported by the IndianExpress

Response by the AMU Officials over it :

Upon contacting Mr. Omar Peerzada, PRO of the AMU University, regarding the allegations. He said the news was incorrect. And added AMU administration had instructed the mess authorities to provide food to non-fasting students on demand. He said that this has been practiced for a long time now and got nothing new. Meals were served as per student’s demand during the month of Ramzan, owing to the age-old practice, and the fact that very few people eat during the day. As reported by TheQuint

“The university is over a 100 years old and never has such a news come out,” he added.

He said that all students live in peace and support one another during the month.

Later he also added that there are number of Muslim students do not keep fast during the month due to various reasons, and they too were provided food in the halls if they demand.

Response by Jyoti Bhaskar, Mass Communication Student at AMU as reported by TheQuint

She responded but first taking her outburst over the bringing the religious angle to something which does not even exist. She said as quoted.

“It is a sad thing to bring a religious angle into the story.”

“In February, when I was fasting during Navratri, the mess used to provide milk and bananas. We should respect the religious sentiments,” Bhaskar added.

Response by a Rashmi Singh, Law Student at AMU (You can find her on wordpress on breaking the myth about AMU)

Response exchange between BJP, UP and Aligarh Police on Twitter :

Source : TQ & IE