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The demand for freedom from India, #DravidaNadu is cropping up once again. 79 years later, the imagination of the country, Dravida Nadu was revived suddenly i.e. United States Of South as Dravida Nadu (Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana)

Demand for Separate State for Dravida Nadu was never new.

  • Ideologically, Dravida Nadu were a separate nation geographically identified with South India and whose inhabitants belong to the Dravidian race, in contrast to the North Indian Aryans.
  • This Dravidian Movement was first propound in Tamil Nadu led by the social reformer EV Ramasamy, popularly known as Periyar.
  • Sardal Patel negotiated and realigned them in India. That is all about the part of federal structure decoded in the Constitution of India. Read how federal structure is decoded.

#Dravidanadu was trending on Twitter since Monday morning but How suddenly it starts Dravidanadu :

#DravidaNadu was trending alongwith #stopHindiImposition #StopHindiChauvinism. People agitating and raising their concerns. We have tried to compose them as much as we can do here as listed.

  • People’s Food Habit & Customs : Why central govt is making this an election issue. Beef is eaten in south, northeast for years, even before their arrival in India. You have your food habits, have i ever imposed my food habit on you. We respect your belief, you should then respect ours. Read more on QuoraWSJ and Hindustimes

  • Cultural Affairs : We have a culture, do not interfere. As you have a culture, we never interfere.
  • Spreading Brahminic Traditions : Accusing RSS & its affialitions of spreading Brahminic Traditions. We love India, more than RSS does, as we are native and indigenous but recent trends of imposing belief by the center is not justified. We love North Indians, As mush as they love us. Will you accept my customs & beliefs if i impose on you.

  • Humiliating Justice Karnan : South Indian are also unhappy with the attitude of North Indian judges. He raised voice against corruption and instead to act upon, North Indian judges forced media not to cover him anymore. Instead of acting upon the charges, you acted upon him. Can you justify it for once.

  • Tamil farmers Agitation at Jantar Mantar : You spoke about farmers categorically but never said once for tamil farmers.
  • Hindi Imposition : When we never imposed Tamil, Kannada, Telgu on you, then why hindi is being imposed on us.
  • Congratulating Central Government : For letting people to think about #DravidaNadu

  • Economic Injustice : States under Dravinda Nadu besides contributing more than 40% to India’s Revenue, are held up receiving only nugatory amounts

History that you and i can not change, we can only manipulate for a time being.

As most of us, force our views on others. We can easily justify our view for others, as it is our own self-composed, self-constructed bunch of thoughts instead of justifying other’s views. Majority of the people don’t even know History and Scriptures but pretend to know all. “Dont Know” category exists in every society and community and they are easy target of radicalisation by the political patronage. Their befuddled state, can make them Ready To Use.

In India, trends are disturbing considering the latest social, civil unrest & unjust. Unrest is provokingly increasing across the country in these two to three years. Political parties are making a headwind between social fabric within the society and keep their stand as justified to impose on others.

  • Hindu Vs Muslim Communal Violence : Propaganda outburst the emotions of one community against the others.
  • Dalit & Upper caste (Thakurivinst) : Recent violence erupted within hindu community against the oppression by one specific community.
  • South Vs North : Outburst between two races as it seems. I better let you to decide.
  • North East Vs North : Demand for Great Nagalim before 1900. Details can be accessed on Quora
  • Center Vs Kashmir : Kashmir issue was almost cooled off after Atal Ji’s intervention. Are not those kashmiri, who cheerful adopted to his views on integration by inheritance instead by forcing views. Read Quora.
  • National Vs Anti-National : How and What defines National & Anti-National when we both loves India.
  • Nationalist, Army and love for army : We love army as much as you. We serve Army as you do.We love India as much as you. We love our family as much as you do but does this love restrict me to ask question to my family.

Akhand Bharat : Can such unrest will loose it

Somewhere RSS & its affiliation have slipped out of the composed lines laid by the Great Unifier Sardel Patel. You can not force people, All you need to discuss and hold healthy debates and let the people to conclude. So that people across the corners, can ingrained the conclusion from within rather than feeling compressed and oppressed by one community to other community. India was much better defined Akhand Bharat than today. We were lost most of the Akhand Bharat on the lines of Political Patronage and even they made us in a befuddled state that seems not working now.

We were Akhand Bharat, We shall remain. If we set our religion, caste, race, creed aside in private rooms, No parties shall be able to exploit it for their political agendas.

Avoid being trapped : Read this article by Himanshu Kumar. Avoid being trapped. Protest by youth congress was a reaction. They want you to react. Your reaction, on their agendas, was a Political Mileage for them. Discuss real issues than fabricated or set agendas.

Raise questions (not their) on your FB, Twitter and tag netas. Not Easy But Not that Difficult too.

Wake Up. Political Awareness is Important. Do Not Shake Your Butt on Their Agendas.

Let’s Celebrate India. Let’s Improve India.

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