#JokeAThon #FakeAThon. EC should invite world hackers, in a open challenge, with out pre-condtion, and let them hack the system. Let all decide Milk With Milk, Water With Water and let’s end the recital of hypes once for all.

Earlier on May 20, Nasim Zaidi, chief election commissioner has announced electronic voting machine challenge to address the concerns raised by political parties.

In a response, parties like AAP & Congress requested EC to conduct a hackathon without any pre-condition.

On May 25, Election Commission said that they have allowed to conduct the EVM Challenge and never promised hackathon.

In its response to the AAP, the Commission said “no such promise about a no-holds barred hackathon was ever made or announced by the Commission… during the all Party Meeting on May 12, the Commission had clearly explained that it will offer an EVM challenge and not a hackathon.”

It also rejected Congress’s demand to allow it to access the motherboard of the EVMs in the planned challenge.

The poll panel responded to the two parties separately.

Pankaj Gupta, National Secretary of AAP, had written to the Election Commission to reconsider the terms set for the EVM challenge and to make it an open ‘hackathon’ as demonstrated by AAP MLA Saurabh Bharadwaj in Delhi Assembly earlier this month.

“We would like to strongly urge you to reconsider the terms of the EVM challenge. Please do not set any such rules and regulations and allow it to be an open hackathon where tampering of any kind can be demonstrated on the machine,” Gupta had demanded, stating that “this is not an issue related to just one party, it is a question of safeguarding democracy in this country. We urge you to take the right decision in the long-term interests if this nation.”

In response, the Election Commission said that allowing to change EVM’s motherboard was like permitting them to “manufacture a new machine” which is irrational.

But, in its response, the Election Commission reiterated on May 25 that: “It is the considered view of the commission that allowing any change of the motherboard or internal circuit of the EVM is like saying that anyone should be permitted to manufacture a new machine and introduce new EVMs in the ECI system, which is implausible and irrational.”

“The EVMs are not accessible to any unauthorised person at any stage before, during or after the polls and as such, the question of access to all the components, such as the motherboard for tampering the EVM machines does not arise,” PTI quoted EC’s letter to Congress.

AAP says again and accused the panel of “running away from a no-holds barred hackathon”.

Globally, most of the companies and governments invite Hackers to test the security of their system with out any set condition. Pre-condition may not hold eligible to make flawless system. Such ethical hacking is to help understand loopholes, so that they can be removed in the future.

EVM should put to test without any pre-condition and lets find out if your system can detect the tampering, if it does not detect any such temper, then it will also amplify our stand that EVM can be tempered without any detect. Merely “Visual Inspection” of the system can not make any system “Full-Proof”

“If the machines look the same, behave the same till some codes activate the changed programming, then how do you know whether any tampering has taken place on the machines in your possession,” he asked

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Source : ABPLive & TheWire