What is Journalism ? Journalism should speak in National’s Interest, not of People Interest in.

How It Benefit People, Society and its Nation ? Journalism should raise question to whose in power. They should be people’s voice, not government’s voice.

Media in 70’s : Government tried to grip up the media to have more favorable coverage. Emergency had led a brutal crackdown on media as reported by News18.

How can we forget about Ramnath Goenka, when opposition was brutally oppressed and media was already perforated. Then the only newspaper owner, broken & harassed, who stood up to Indira Gandhi. He faced a series of troubles at the hands of her government.

But Media have survived the atrocities and regain the lost creditability.

Media in 90’s :

Having initiated a process of economic reform in the early part of the decade, the forces of privatisation and globalisation have unleashed dramatic changes in the country’s media.

Media as in Now

Today Media has broaden to Social Media. Where TRPs are the only standard.

Arnab has finally launched his much awaited Republic TV recently. Viewers were eagerly waiting to hear “Nation Wants To Know”. But reports from the ground showing no such showering as it was expected for Republic TV at all.

Indian news broadcasting market is a hyper-competitive Rs 3,500-crore industry. It has to face 390 odd channels to beat the throne. And Arnab knows how to get the TRP.

Arnab, no doubt, was a poster boy and a known personality with his own set of followers. but in recent times, he may gain some specific audiences of andh bhaqt but have defiantly been losing on real fans. Catch his eyes and you will find the difference between what he said and what he does.

So What is questionable here. Is it Arnab or Republic or Zee or Journalism?

Off course, It is Journalism. If it is so then What is Journalism and how it should be validated as Fourth Pillar of Democracy.

Journalism by so called Journalists have become PR Agency. Where debates should bring different views on the table and let the general public decide on any subject. Most of the subjects covered in debates are closed debates. You are left to say either YES or NO. Be cautions, merely YES or NO will make you Nationalist or Anti-Nationalist. Where have these nationalists been gone when BSF jawan Tej Bahadur Yadav was sacked. Why they have stopped beating the chest now.

Instead of asking the government about the people’s issues like Schools Fees, Mid Day Meal Status, Mnerga Status, reporting CAG Findings, Farmer Suicide, Policy Making Discussion, Unemployment, Uncover the Corruption and many more but media have become just a PR Agency.

Journalism should be balanced and focused on Government working as they hold the power. Journalism should make the government accountable & answerable. But seems like they are focusing to weaken the opposition, which is already tired and lost.

Arnab’s Views on Journalism

Arnab had recently articulated his views on Journalism and related questions in Marathon 2017 event. You check the video and find the difference between what he said and what he does. Below is the extract.

Why Media becomes Paid Media now a days ? – Arnab said that due to comprise made at the top level i.e. Management & Editor.

Should Journalism be opinion based or facts based ? – Arnab said as Facts are available to everyone but Opinions are Sacred. Opinions have become important, you should have a opinion with a facts. Mr Arnab, Are you trying to articulate that people should form opinion based on your opinion. WTF

Corporate Funding – He said that “I will love to enhance the viewership and then that enhanced viewership will cover the expenses to run the channel. I never endorsed corporate. They can’t influence me.

Allegation on Arnab and India wants to know.

  • Arnab denies claims he wants to make Republic TV the ‘Fox News of India’ and claims he has never seen it
  • Recently Arnab alongwith Times Now were found guilty of baised Coverage by UK Broadcast Regulator.
  • BJP and Republic TV Connection – Rajeev Chandrasekhar, National Democratic Alliance’s Vice-Chairman in Kerala, is a prominent investor in Republic TV. The support and warmth exhibited by BJP leaders to the channel has been talk on Twitter considering this government’s general antipathy towards the media.
  • NBA in TRAI complaint says that Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV flouting rules through registering multiple times under different genres, which is in violation of Trai’s broadcasting rules.
  • Times Now registered a complaint against the Arnab & Republic TV regarding the Shashi Tharoor Expose as tapes were the property of Times Now.
  • Arnab was accused of only exposing opposition. He should adopt balance approach.

How Ministers & members of BJP openly have endorsed Republic TV’s launch.

Suresh ji should have shown same concern for Issues related with Vacancy in Railway Recruitment Board

Even she extended and certified him as a nodal agency for nationalist’s journalist.

What BJP members used to say about Arnab a year back.

What made BJP to applaud him now is a matter to think upon.

Swamy’s take on Arnab before Republic. An enraged Subramanian Swamy chose words like “Ignoramus“ “retard“ “ignorant”, “dumb”, “stupid” and  “liar” to abuse Arnab Goswami on the live show

ARNAB gets shutup call by Smiriti Irani

When Arnab Goswami get slapped by Mr. PM himself

Zee News DNA Test on Journalism and Fake News

Zee News even being under scanner of the critiques that media should not be that biased towards government only. Media should be critical of government to bring the facts.

Below is the Video where Mr Sudhir Chaudhary is trying to explain What should be the Journalism. News Laundry did a commendable job and run its own DNA test on his defined values of journalism. Must watch

On #WorldPressFreedomDay, Zee News conducted a ‘DNA test’ on journalism in the age of fake news. Chaudhary waxed eloquent on the media-corporate, media-politician nexus, and warned us against the ways in which news media propagates falsehood. Hell, he even spoke on post truth. Watch the video with attention to find the difference between.