​I still blogging how you arrive to this juicy facts. first of all. since 90’s we have opened up the economy and globalisation makes a way in India. no government will remained untouched whether congress or BJP. BJP has even in initially showcase against FDI but still what they are doing is the same and even seems that they are more interested in FDI. we the people of India remained ina shell that modi will come and save us but he is not. Make in India is again the same. we think something different about it and thought it is about India. No at all. we are now losing our money’s worth faster than before. 1% of indian population holds 58% of indian money. what is left to discuss then. we are dieing and heading to civil unrest. Through marketing gimmicks govt is managing it further otherwise social unjust and unrest is going to come. Make in India what a marketing gimmicks we have been seeing this. instead govt should strengthen small scale industries but they have done nothing. they are still playing in the hands of corporates. Leave the previous write off, more than 9 lacs have been defaulted but still they hold 58% of money. what a irony of this country. They have saved 15 lacs on average through incentives on tax. Govt should debate in public and kick them out of country. These corporates never use their money for any setup. they first announce the project and ensure to get funding from public or banks. Then they enjoy the Tax Holidays. Then when it comes to repayment, they default saying we are in loss. Good defaults are those who went for settlement and they made money out of it. Try to analyse they don’t bother how much profit they are going to make on selling the product they make. their projection depends upon how much they are going to get in tax Incentives and settlement.